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BlackBox Realities specializes in building memorable experiences that engage, inform, and inspire. We utilize the most cutting edge technologies - Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Interactive Design - to help companies and organizations connect with their clients and customers in ways they could have only imagined.

A smartphone or tablet becomes a window into a new world with Augmented Reality. The real objects on screen are combined with virtual objects and interactive elements that enhance your customer’s surroundings.
Users experiences a computer generated world through a headset display, positional tracking, and hand controls allowing movement and total immersion into the digital reality. Our team can build virtual showrooms, new cityscapes, training scenarios, or a world of your imagination for your users.
Interactive technology is unique to the client. It can span many different forms of technologies ranging from interactive projection mapping and gesture recognition to the gamification of everyday objects. The goal with Interactive Technology Designs is simply to create an unforgettable experience for those who witness it.
360 Video
Almost everyone has a smart phone these days, which means you can get your 360 Video experience in front of your customers with the click of a button through your own social media audience. 360 Video brings the user directly into the environment and allows them to experience your environment from wherever they are.

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