Case Studies

Franke EcO3Ice 360 Ride

Franke is a great company to partner with on these fun and inovative projects. They loved the trade show Virtual Kitchen so much they asked us to work on a more accessible 360 experience for one of their products, the EcO3Ice.

We were tasked with making a hard topic, the cleanliness of ice, both fun and educational. Our team worked to create a 360 EcO3Ice ride to show customers the journey of water as it becomes ice and eventually goes into our cups at restaurants.

The ride is viewable to everyone through a 360 video uploaded to YouTube. This was important to the client because they wanted to be able to send this to their distributors and customers everywhere as a good way of showcasing their product and why it is important. They ordered branded 360 cardboard viewers to give out at trade shows and have available for guests to their offices as a take away item.

Want to check out the ride for yourself? Watch below! If you have a 360 viewer of any kind be sure to use it so you can get the full experience.

Client: Franke
Date: September 26, 2017
Service: 360 VR